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Sauna Pure Cube Hudson

Sauna Pure Cube Hudson

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The Hudson Pure Sauna only comes in one size, 7' x 9.6' and only in one material type which is Knotty Red Cedar.


Contact us if you have any questions.

NOTE: These are not $0.00 Contact us for Price. 

What's Included?

- Full Glass Door
- 2 Full Front Glass Windows
- 2 Head Rests
- Cedar Bucket & Ladle
- Rocks for Heater
- Exterior Towel Hooks
- Install and delivery within 500 KM


These Saunas are made of 1-1/2” thick knotty red cedar boards.


These dimensions are in feet measured width by length.


We recommend minimum to have a level area covered with crushed gravel. Patio stones, decks and concrete pads are also good options.

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